8 Holiday Recipes Every Latina Should Know

We know, no recipe will ever taste exactly like abuela’s Christmas cooking. And while it may not be Christmas to you without natillas, some other Latinas may not even know what that is. Here, we give you eight basic holiday recipes from all over Latin America that every Latina should know. Share your family spin on these recipes in the comments section.

1. Holiday Recipes: Coquito

Coquito: Basically, egg nog but SOOOOOOO much better. This is a great recipe to bring to any holiday party you attend or to just sip on while decorating the tree.

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2. Holiday Recipes: Buñuelos con Almíbar de Vino y Canela

Buñuelos: Colombians, Cubans and Mexicans all have a version of this pastry, normally munched on with coffee or hot chocolate. Our version comes from Mexico. 

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3. Holiday Recipes: Tati's Natillas

Natillas: This is basically our version of Christmas pudding. In Spain it has eggs, in Colombia it doesn’t, in Peru it is another name for Dulce de Leche. However you make it, it wouldn’t be Christmas without sharing this soft, silky dessert.

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4. Holiday Recipes: Corn Tamales

Tamales: The best part of this traditional recipe is making the tamales with your family—because it takes an army of relatives to make them! Our recipe is by no means the definitive tamale; that we’ll leave to your abuela.

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5. Holiday Recipes: Pasteles

Pasteles: This Caribbean tradition is very similar to tamales, except the dough is made from plantains instead of corn and wrapped in parchment instead of cornhusks. But like tamales, making them is a holiday event, where the family takes over the kitchen.

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6. Holiday Recipes: Roasted Lechon

Lechon: It would not be the holidays, American or Latino, without some kind of roasted meat. Here a recipe for traditional Cuban roasted pork.

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7. Holiday Recipes: Rice and Pigeon Peas

Arroz con Gandules: There really is no end to the amount of rice you can eat during the holidays. This Puerto Rican dish mixes it up with pigeon peas and pork.
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8. Holiday Recipes: Classic Flan

Flan: Chances are, you have never made flan because one of your aunts always brings it and it always seemed a little intimidating. But flan is actually super easy to make and a great dessert to bring to a party—which is why Titi always brings it.

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