6 Amazing Cocktails to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

July 4th cocktails

Oh, America the beautiful! If you’re anything like us, 4th of July potlucks and BBQs have already been coordinated and you can’t wait for some fireworks to light up your sky! 

All of that food deserves to include a little cocktail too, doesn't it? It's time to celebrate the bounty of the U.S. this Independence Day with cocktails that really show off everything this country has to offer. Honor one of the U.S.’s most celebrated authors with Hemingway’s Papa Doble, a frozen treat with a strong Cuban kick and tangy grapefruit juice. Or, for something extra patriotic, try out a Mixed Berry Sangria made with white white, bright red raspberries and rich blueberries. Try one of these six amazing cocktails--and get ready to say: Happy Birthday, U.S.A.! 

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