Table Talk: Numero Uno Restaurant

Numero Uno Restaurant
2499 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32806
407– 841-3840

I recently took my 9-year-old niece Jada to Disney World, and, needless to say, the food in the amusement parks left much to be desired. So of course, my thoughts wandered back to our Editor-in-Chief, Mimi, raving about this mofongo she had on her recent trip to Orlando. Being an avid mofongo lover I knew I had to try it before I left the Sunshine State. On our way to the airport I made a pit stop at the place with the magical mofongo, Numero Uno Restaurant. I ordered the shrimp mofongo and promptly devoured it. I had to rush to my flight, but sitting on the plane I was as happy thinking about that delicious meal as Jada was when she saw Minnie Mouse.

Several things were good on the restaurant's menu, especially their rice and beans and their sangría, made with a hint of cinnamon. But the house specialty is definitely the shrimp mofongo. It was perfection! There was just enough plantain, it was slightly crispy (not overly mushy and dry), and the shrimp was floating in the most savory sauce. The place is your typical unpretentious small Latin bistro and has been around for years, but it might be Orlando's best-kept secret. Mimi and I have yet to find a place in the NYC area that can hold a candle to the shrimp mofongo at Numero Uno—and believe me, it's not for lack of trying!