Happy Birthday Juanes! 20 Reasons Why We Love Him

We want to wish the incomparable Juanes a wonderful birthday today! Our fave Colombian musican (and loving dad) is now 41 years old.

In honor of his special day, we’ve listed several reasons why we love the rocker so much. Feel free to add your own reasons below in our comments section.

Happy Birthday, Juanes!

1. He’s a Proud Latino

Ever since we could remember, Juanes has been one of the greatest champions for Latinos worldwide - and his love for his fellow Latinos has not gone unnoticed. Back in 2011, the Colombian rocker received special recognition at the 25th Hispanic Heritage Awards.

2. He’s a Winner (Duh)

His deep lyrics and tremendous musical gift have earned Juanes multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards under his belt. Basically, he’s in a constant #winning.

3. He Has This Special Way With Words... 

Juanes’ lyrics are poetic verses that we love to replay over, and over – especially during our dreary days. If you haven’t Googled the words to “A Dios Le Pido” or “La Señal,” we don't know what to tell you. Beauty on paper.

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