6 Ways To Keep Your Kitty Pretty

Cameron Diaz recently opened up about her strong feelings about pubic hair. The 41-year-old actress made it perfectly clear that she prefers to keep it au naturel, and doesn't believe in "fads" laser hair removal. She even called her pubic hair a "pretty draping" which adds mystery to her sexual encounters.

We love that Diaz is so open about her personal choices, but we also love that women today have countless choices about the ways they can "accessorize" their vaginas and pubic hair. Whether you agree or disagree with Diaz, here are six ways you can keep your kitty looking pretty: 

1. steaming

Vagina Steaming: 
Yes, vagina steaming exists. While it may sound intimidating, the process is actually extremely relaxing and rejuvenating! Some women even report that the V-steams can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. Here’s what happens: a spa directs you to an open-seated chair, under which a humidifier emits herb-infused steam for 30 to 45 minutes. Juvenex Spa in New York City describes its Gyno Spa Cure as an “ancient remedy that Asian cultures have known for centuries.” Expect to pay about  $50-$75 for a 30-minute session. Would you try it?

2. kitty sparkle

Add Some Sparkle and Shine: 
Vagina Bedazzling has been a trend for years -- and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The sparkle adds some temporary luster to your kitty, and is especially great for special occasions, like a honeymoon or Valentine’s Day. Vajazzling can be done at a spa -- or even in the privacy of your own bathroom. Completely Bare, a line of spas in NYC, even uploaded a YouTube video to help women get glamorous at home. 

3. kitty fresh

Freshen Up:
Women often talk about what’s “normal” when it comes to vagina smell. Is there a right answer? Not really. Everyone’s vagina is different, and some are simply going to smell differently than others. However, you can make some small changes to ensure that your vagina’s pH remains balanced. It may seem obvious, but make sure to keep your kitty clean. Avoid perfumed soaps, gels, and antiseptics and just stick to good ol’ unperfumed soaps and water. Similarly, avoid using scented detergents on your underwear, as they might conflict with your natural smell.

4. kitty do

Try A Different ‘Do: 
While some women, like Cameron Diaz, prefer a fully dressed vagina, others like to keep theirs bare. Neither solution is better than the other -- just a matter of personal preference and taste. For the women who like a bit of hair, but want it cleaned up -- vagina hairstyles are perfect for you. According to SJ Tierney, a Brazilian waxer and author of Vagina Buffet, some of her clients ask for special designs down under. “I once had a Qantas pilot ask me to wax his wife’s pubes into a ‘runway’ and place Swarovski crystals down either side of the strip so her vagina resembled a runway,” she told Cosmopolitan. “She could then ‘wave him in’ after his long haul flight.” Okay, so that’s pretty damn creative, but even if you just want an initial or simple design, most good Brazilian waxers can make that happen!

5. kitty smoothie

The Peach Smoothie: 
Also know as “The Peach Smoothie” or the “Vajaycial”, a vagina facial can help rejuvenate your vag -- especially after a bikini wax. Typically, your area is cleansed, exfoliated with a gentle scrub, and tweezed to remove ingrown hairs. The cost? Less expensive than you might think! Some spas in New York City charge as little as $50 for a 30-minute session.

6. kitty color

Regain Your Color: 
Are you self-conscious about discoloration on your labia? It’s perfectly normal -- and nothing to be ashamed about -- but there is a product that can restore some youthful glow. My New Pink Button is a temporary dye specifically formulated tint your labia pink. It comes in four different shades, and can be found online at MyNewPinkButton.com.