Jenni Rivera's Mansion Will Go Up for Sale?

Jenni Rivera’s beautiful mansion in Encino, California may go on the market soon, despite the regional Mexican singer’s wishes. According to TV y Novelas, La Diva de la Banda’s sister, Rosie, who was left in charge of her estate and assets, wants to sell the house because it’s too expensive to upkeep.

The 9,527-square-foot luxury home, which Jenni reportedly purchased for $3.3 million four years ago, features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a pool, spa, and entertainment patio (see below). The magazine claims that the star’s sister is looking to sell the house for the exact purchase price.

The real estate agent who sold the estate to Jenni told Fox News Latino that the late singer was in love with the home. “It was a beautiful setting. [It] was private,” he said. “[It was] gated with lots of land, but it was not finished. She put money into it.”

He also confirmed that the house hasn’t been listed on the market yet. However, the report alleges that the singer’s sister has been in talks with JE United Reality to sell it. Rosie hasn’t commented on the report, but recently tweeted, “Sister… #JenniWeMissYou.”

Do you think Jenni's home should be sold against her wishes?

Jenni Rivera Mansion