How to Throw an Epic Mexican-Themed Wedding

Can't afford a destination wedding? No problem! Incorporate a piece of Mexico on your special day. From mariachis to taco stations, here are 10 ways to throw the ultimate Mexican-inspired wedding. Enjoy!

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1. Seat Signs

Decorate your seats with mariachi hats to let guests know who hold the two most important seats at the fiesta.

2. Tequila Cheers

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro! While champagne is the go-to drink for toasting at weddings, bring some fuego to your boda with tequila shots. Give each guest a customized shot glasses garnished w/ a lime and little sign. Delicioso! 

3. Hot Party Favors

How adorable are these Tapatío party favors?  They will definitely spice up your Mexican-themed wedding!   

4. Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

You're invited!!! Prepare your guests for an epic party with these adorable wedding cards that make a big statement.

5. Cactus Table

Cactus Table

Succulents and cacti are a great alternative to your traditional wedding flowers. Not only does it tie perfectly with your Mexican motif, but it also gives life to the table.


6. Mariachi Band

Mariachi Band

Let’s face it, there’s no fiesta without mariachis. So, forget the DJ and get the party moving with some romantic ballads during cocktail hour.

7. Mexican Bouquet

Mexican Bouquet

You can't have a Mexican-themed wedding without a vibrant bouquet. Toss your white roses asides and instead opt for some hints of pink, orange, and yellow florals.

8. Cake Spice

Mexican Wedding Cake

Don’t settle for some boring buttercream frosted wedding cake! Instead, opt for some colorful embroidery piping and florals that will definitely turn some heads at your fiesta.


9. Flower Crown

Mexican Wedding Dress

A vibrant flower crown on your wedding day is the perfect nod to Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

10. Self Serve Taco Table

Self Serve Taco Table

Who needs catering when you have a taco bar?! Trust us, guests are definitely going to taco ‘bout it (get it).


11. Mexican Sweets Table

Mexican Sweets Table

Treat your guests to a buffet of Mexican candies that rocked your childhood. From Duvalin to De La Rosa Mazapan, the possibilities are endless!

12. Flower Girls

Flower Girls

Have your primas channel their inner flower power with some boho-chic dresses with colorful embroidery. 

13. Guest Sign In

Guest Sign In

While guest books are a great way to commemorate your special day, they often get tucked away in a drawer to collect dust. Try using a traditional Mexican clay pot that not only serves as a keepsake, but as a decorative piece that will enhance the beauty of your home