These Puerto Rican Valentine's Day Card Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Facebook (@RadicalCrowry)

It's officially Valentine's Day in Puerto Rico and Radical Cowry is killing the meme game. The Facebook user has grabbed the 'Valentine's Day Card' meme and added political satire and post-hurricane commentary to the memes in attempts to attract a lover. Facebook meme-maker Radical Cowry created the hilarious meme making fun of Wanda Rolón, a famous Puerto Rican televangelist who is known for asking her viewers for large sums of money in donations. 

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Another meme by the hilarious Cowry pokes fun at the idea of Puerto Rico ever becoming the 51st state. It says, "I want statehood through any possible way" and makes fun of the many failed attempts by the Puerto Rican government to a state.  

After criticizing the federal government's lack of competence in giving assistance and aid to Puerto Rico's recovery after the tropical storm, Trump called San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruza a "nasty woman." She then owned that nickname by making a television appearance wearing a black t-shirt that said "NASTY" in white letters, all-caps. Guess what? There's a meme for that too.

This particular meme is for those of you who long for yesteryear. This one throws back to the 2005 hit "El Tiburon" by Alexis y Fido that we all danced to in elementary school.  


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Which Valentines Day card will you send to your significant other?