This Woman Breaks Down Being Afro-Latina On Social & It's On Point


Afro-Latinos are here to stay and will break down any confusion you may have around them. With more Afro-Latinas raising awareness like Amara La Negra and JuJu, many are still unclear about their cultural background.

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Recently, a BET On-Air Personality, Jessie Woo took to Instagram Live to break down the Afro-Latino 101 lesson. Though she uses a bit of profanity to get her message across, the follower viewing her praise her for speech.

The Canadian born Afro-Latina captioned the post with, "A person of African Descent whose origins are in Latin America and/or the Caribbean, Such a shame that IN 2018, THIS HAS TO BE EXPLAINED‼️"

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Take a listen to the message and let us know what you think.


Let’s break it down vía: @jessiewoo_ #afrolatina #afrolatinos #africandiaspora

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