EXCLUSIVE: LaLa Anthony Talks Give With Target & Her Back-to-School Memories

We always love hearing about Latina celebs giving back -- and nothing warms our hearts more than when they bring awareness to important causes. LaLa Anthony has partnered with Target for the Give With Target program, a program that donates up to $5 million to schools around the country. 

We caught up with LaLa to talk about the program, why education is so important, and her favorite back-to-school memories. 

How did you get involved with the Give With Target program? 

Target approached me with the campaign and I was immediately excited to be a part of it because I want to give back to schools in need. As a mom and a person who grew up being in different schools, I’ve seen first hand how important it is to give financial aid and supplies for schools who really need it, so I was thrilled to come on board and be a part of such a good cause.

What's your favorite part of the program?

I get to bring awareness to education. I also love the idea of rallying people together so that everyone is able to get involved and vote for the schools that are in need the most.

Why is this cause so important to you as opposed to other charitable programs? 

This cause is so important to me because education is my number one priority, especially now that my son is now entering the 1st grade. To be able to spread awareness and help schools in need is such a powerful and important thing.

Why do you think education is so important – especially now?

You need it to survive in today’s world. Schools need the proper supplies and tools to provide a great education to kids.

What's your favorite back-to-school memory?

The camaraderie we had in school – I was very athletic and always into sports. I also looked forward to catching up with everyone after the summer and reconnecting. It was so fun to see what friends were in the same classes as me at the beginning of the school year.  

What were you like in school?

I was definitely a social butterfly in school and very active in the student council. I was also athletic as well -- I played basketball in junior high school and high school.

Why should readers get involved?

We all know a school in our neighborhood or another school that our son or daughter, niece or nephew, or friend goes to that needs some extra assistance or aid. This program is a wonderful way to provide those needs to that school. Also, we can’t complain about what is lacking in our schools and then not participate in a great program that supports schools!

To learn more about Give With Target, click here!