Supreme Court To Make Decision About the Affordable Care Act - What You Need to Know

The Supreme Court will meet sometime this week to rule on one of the most pertinent issues affecting Latinos today – health care. The high court is set to determine whether the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obama Care) drafted by President Barack Obama’s administration is unconstitutional. A ruling of five majority votes out of the nine Justices on the bench is enough to dramatically change the future of health care in the U.S.

A 2009 survey conducted by Gallup-Healthways Well-Being stated that 41.5% of Latino Americans were uninsured, which represents the largest demographic lacking health coverage. The new law would attempt to increase the share of health care expenditures, which currently makes up 18% of the U.S. economy, according to CNN. The act being proposed would require uninsured Americans to purchase their own health insurance package by 2014 or face fines.

Since the proposal was introduced, 26 states have opposed the act and deemed it unconstitutional. Despite many conservatives disapproving of the act, liberal members of the high court including Justice Sonia Sotomayor is expected to support the new law. Regardless of what people suspect she will support, the court is staying mum about their stance. The last scheduled public session of the term is set for June 25, though that deadline could slip a few days.

A recent poll revealed that separate from the mandate of having everyone purchase their own health insurance, 51% of Americans are not in support of the health care law in general, while 43% favor the law and 13% think it’s not liberal enough. What are your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act?