6 Things You Can Do to Induce Labor

Those with youngins' know that pre-labor pains are difficult, but the waiting game may be even worse. The tips and tricks ahead will help get you into labor no matter what the due date.

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1. Exercise

Pregnant Woman Exercising

Trying to get the bun in the oven out ASAP? Get movin' – in a healthy way, of course. Try deep squats, a brisk walk or simple yoga moves.

2. Sex

Couple Kissing

Let's talk about sex. Sure, it's how you got to your current situation, but it can also help speed the labor process along. Studies show that a healthy orgasm can stimulate contractions, and semen can help soften the cervix. 

3. Spicy Food

Spicy Food

Whether fact or myth, spicy foods certainly have the ability to trigger something in the uterus that forces the baby out.

4. Other Foods


A variety of other foods are known to send women into labor: Eggplant parmesan, basil, dates and bananas are just a few to remember.

5. Massages

Woman Receiving Massage

Believe it or not, there are massage therapists who specialize in pregnant people and can work on pressure points to get the blood flowing in the right places.

6. Acupuncture


Countless women have credited induction acupuncture for getting them through overdue pregnancies.