8 Latina Approved Father's Day Gifts For Every Type of Dad

This Father's Day, be prepared to give your papi the best present he's gotten in years. From the super skin savvy dad to the one who loves to savor a perfect glass a whiskey, we've rounded up the best gifts this year. 

1. For The Skin Savvy Dad

Because we all know that one papi who goes around your mami's skin care drawer looking for something to help his wrinkles. Give him this but don't dare tell him he's aging. 

The 1-2-3 Men's Anti-aging Skincare Routine, $120, kiehls.com

2. Father's Day Gifts

Half ice, half whiskey? This gift is perfect for the dad who loves to enjoy his glass of whiskey without the annoying ice cubes. Let's just say whoever you give this to is going to love you, so make sure to grab at least two so you can share a drink with your papi this Father's Day. 

Whiskey Wedge, $18, corkcicle.com

3. For The 'Smart' Dad

We all have that dad who's always talking about the new tech that just came out. This smart watch is perfect for him because whether he's an Andriod or an Apple dad he can still connect to this watch. You'll get major points if you get him this one.

Pebble Time Steel Smart Watch, $250, pebble.com

4. For The Traveling Dad

A major upgrade to the battered up tablet holder your dad takes to work, it fits absolutely anything that you could think of and it will last him for years.

This is Ground Mod Tablet 2, $300, thisisground.com

5. Father's Day Gifts

Get ready to hear salsa all day long because after this speaker lands into your dad's hands it is all you'll be hearing all day. You can control Sonos with an app on your phone so there is no need to get near the speaker to change the song. 

Sono Play:1, $200, sonos.com

6. Workx

Every dad needs a leaf blower especially because it means he won't be bothering you to rake the leaves everyday. It just made your life that much easier. 

Air Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower, $90, worx.com

7. DBPower

Every time you have a car problem, your papi is always to the rescue! Get him this portable battery charger that doubles as a jumper for your car, not just once but up to 20 times. 

DBPower, $70, amazon.com

8. igrill

Just in time for Father's Day, this bluetooth thermometer will be your dad's best friend the whole summer. He can relax near the pool or in the house without having to worry that the steak is burning. (He'll thank you for this one.) 

iGrill, $98, amazon.com