8 of the Worst Reasons to Dump An Hombre

I receive many emails from women complaining that they’re single and ‘just want a man!’ Trust me, I understand the plight of the single gal. When I was a single mujer I hated dating, and I yearned for a loving, committed relationship. Yet, I would often ruin romantic connections. I’d lay on the floor in the fetal position, sobbing like a bebe who needs a bottle, because I messed up what could have been a beautiful love story.

Many women can relate to my story. Some of us sabotage a good thing for terribly silly reasons. Let’s explore these, shall we? Here are some of the worst reasons to dump a guy: 

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1. 1

A ridiculous tattoo.

Tattoos can be addictive. If your man already has one, there’s a chance he’ll get more ink. But what if he gets a tattoo of a penis? That’s what Stuart Valentino did as a joke. His wife, Samantha, did not find it funny, and she kicked him out of their home. The tattoo, which is on his inner thigh, is ridiculous, but so is ending a marriage because of it. He can always wear long pants! 

2. 2

The way he walks.

I once went on a date with a guy who sauntered off like a girl. When he walked toward his car with a sway in his hips, I was immediately turned off. And I never saw him again! He did call, and he asked for an explanation. I lied, and told him there was no chemistry. In hindsight, it was a superficial decision. So don’t do what I did!

3. 3

He loves his mama.

Latinos and their mamas — it’s like they’re still attached to the umbilical cord! But that’s no reason to dump him. As long as you’re his priority (and he doesn’t live in her basement), he can accompany his mother to doctor’s appointments, eat her leftovers and call her three times a day. I know I do! 

4. 4

An unkempt apartment.

A messy man is a mess to deal with, but it’s also something you can work with. Teach him how to organize his stuff, put away his clothes, and how to dump his dirty socks in the laundry. Or, you could just hire a maid, so you don’t have to do his dirty work! 

5. 5

Metrosexual habits.

He gets a manicure and pedicure every Sunday, but you hardly paint your nails. Should you breakup with him because he’s a metrosexual? Of course not! Some men are just really into their appearance and believe in looking and smelling their best — cuticles and all. Count your lucky stars that he doesn’t have dirty nail beds. He touches you down there with those hands! 

6. 6

A small penis.

A man with a small penis can still satisfy you. As a matter a fact, the clitoris has more nerve endings than any other sexual organ in the female body. He just has to rub, lick and tease it until you orgasm. So don’t dump your short, short man. Ask him to play with your clit while he’s inside of you. The sex will be much better.

7. 8

The way he chews.

He can’t seem to close his mouth while devouring a plate of frijoles. It’s... gross. Unless you’re a momma bird, you shouldn’t be privy to what he’s about to digest! Still, it’s silly to dump him because he chews like a horse. Tell him about his nasty habit. Maybe he is unaware. If he is aware, tell him it makes you want to barf. And there’s nothing sexy about that.

8. 7

He’s chubby.

Sometimes you meet an hombre who is carrying a few extra pounds. You accept him as is, right? Right. But what if the guy you’re dating gains the weight over time? He was in pretty good shape when you met, but now he’s as round as a fitness ball. Keep him or leave him? I say stay. Our bodies change over time. We get busy, and we may not have as much time to exercise. Besides, how hurt would you be if your man dumped you because you put on a few extra love handles?