The 3 Types of Guys You Need to Watch Out For

The 3 Types of Guys You Need to Watch Out For

This article originally appeared on YourTango, by Clayton Olson.

Want him to love you? Better pay attention!

Many of us have types — we like people who are tall or those who have a sarcastic wit.

But, while we’re aware that we have types, we don’t always realize that we are types as well.

Both men and women fall into certain categories, categories that have less to with how we look or dress, and more to do with how we act.

For women dating, married — or hoping to soon be dating and married — men can be a bit of a puzzle.

The female gender may be the one traditionally painted as confusing, but the male gender doesn’t come with a how-to manual, either.

Some men are standoffish, while others need to be needed.

Some are easy to label, while others fit into more than one category.

Still, knowing about these types of guys will help you give them what they need and — in turn — they’ll do the same for you.

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These are the three types of men in the world:

The Conserver

The Converser is a man focused on security; he wants to self-preserve beyond all else.

He usually owns many possessions and lives a life of stability. He’s a planner and enjoys being in control.

Women grow frustrated with The Conserver because of his need for independence; his daily life revolves around time, money, and his physical needs, typically not romance.

Though he’s often selfish, he shares his resources with his significant other; one of the reasons he’s concerned with stability is so he can provide a predictable future for himself or his family.  

As a boyfriend or husband, The Conserver is serious with a tendency to be guarded and spend time alone. This requires his partner to be flexible, understanding, and comfortable in their own skin.

You know you're dating a Conserver if he:

- Comes off more serious than other men you dated.

- Tends to need a bit more space than normal.

- Is overly concerned with money, the future or his health.

The ideal girl helps him appreciate the little things in life — the smell of flowers, the feel of rain, a completed crossword puzzle — while supporting his long-term goals.

Above all, she opens herself up to trusting him completely.

The Connector

The Connector is in love with life — food, sex, the occasional adrenaline rush all drive him.

He craves intensity, passion, and living in the moment. He’s more likely to plan a skydiving trip than his future.  

He's less concerned about money and self-preservation, and more concerned with making an impact.

Women grow frustrated with The Connector because he can be lackadaisical about responsibilities; not entirely, but he’ll put them to the side for a good story.

Still, he’s usually charismatic, social, and not prone to conflict.

As a boyfriend or husband, The Connector relishes in bonding. He wants a relationship that is in sync and places a high value on all types of physical intimacy.

When things don’t work out, he takes them personally and in his worst states can be needy or very insecure in relationships.

You know you're dating a Connector if he:

- Behaves more in line with traditional gender roles — opens doors, buys flowers, takes off your jacket

- Tends to lean in to connect during conflict, rather than withdraw

- Is adventurous and initiates creating special moments with you 

The ideal girl helps him feel sexyattractive, and desirable.

She spends one-on-one time with him and is gentle with his self-esteem. She acknowledges him for both big and little acts and allows him to come first in her life.

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