Chilean Miners to Play Soccer Game with Rescuers

The Chilean miners have been surrounded by a whirlwind of media activity ever since they were rescued, but this week, the 33 will take a moment to enjoy the fresh air and play a game of soccer with the men who rescued them.

At a reception held by Chilean president Sebastian Pinera at the presidential palace in Santiago, each miner was given a medal to commemorate the bicentennial of Chile's independence from Spain (celebrated while the men were trapped underground)—and it was announced that the miners would play a game of soccer against a team of their rescuers and government officials.

The miners have one strong advantage; their team is being coached by one of the rescued men, Franklin Lobos, who just happens to be a former professional soccer player. The miners may even get a shot at sporting revenge, word is that Mining Minister Laurence Golborne will play for the opposition.