UPDATE: Google Responds to Our Readers Outrage Over Banning “Latina”

Our Facebook page lit up with comments yesterday after we posted the news that Google Instant had banned the word “Latina” so as not to accidentally show porn sites to users. Our FB friend Tanya De Leon said it best “WTH! What is the logic behind that? Since when is "Latina" a controversial term? Hopefully if enough people say something about that, it will change.”

We contacted Google, who were very quick to respond, and they said this about the ban: “The word ‘Latina’ isn’t appearing because of filter-related pornographic content.”  (Meaning search results under that term yield pornographic results due to complex algorithms—not that the word itself is banned).  He added “Google is looking into the matter and is attempting to find a solution.”

Even though “Latina” is the only ethnic group getting caught up in this “complex algorithm” we are choosing to believe them and they have promised to keep us updated. We do know they read your Facebook comments so join us on Facebook to let Google know what you think.

And what’s with all the Latina porn anyway?!?!