Baby Name Site Claims "Hispanic is Definitely In" For Fall 2013

Belly Ballot, a website that tracks pregnant couples baby name choices in real-time, released a news release today titled, Yes Way, Jose! Fall 2013 Baby Name Predictions…Hispanic is Caliente. According to the release, more parents are giving their children Hispanic-sounding names. Yes, we're talking first names.

The rise of the Hispanic population across the United States has caused many Caucasian couples to begin giving their children Latino names, the release suggests. "Hispanic is definitely in," says Belly Ballot editor and baby name expert, Lucie Strachonova.  "We have seen strong indications of white parents selecting Latino baby names in greater numbers, and the trend continues to grow. Fall 2013 through 2014 will certainly be a pivotal year."

One mother from Tennessee claimed that giving her child a Latino name will only help her in the long run. "We want our child to fit in," said Tiffany Wilson, a mom from Millersville, Tennessee of Irish-German descent. "Hispanic culture is growing rapidly here in Tennessee. Her friends are Hispanic, her future bosses will be Hispanic…we just don't want her to be different. I think having a Latino name has helped her make friends."

Well, that's a first! We don't think we've ever heard of anyone naming their child anything in particular just so they can "fit in" or "make friends." 

Another parent claimed she named her daughter Isabella so she would have the opportunity to be awarded scholarships in the future. Hmm? "I did well in school with a 3.5 GPA...but doors didn't open, there were no scholarships for someone like me," said Shaina Heimpel, a non-Hispanic white mother from Colorado Springs.

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