Donald Trump is TIME’s Person of the Year and His Cover is Being Compared to This Dangerous Leader

Twitter Found Comparisons Between Donald Trump’s TIME’s Cover and Another Leader

Time magazine announced that its “Person of the Year” today is none other than President elect Donald J. Trump

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The publication dubbed the President-elect the “president of the divided states of America,” and the title feels more notorious than honorary. 

Trump wasn’t pleased with the title but said being selected was a “tremendous honor.” In a phone interview with Today host Matt Lauer, Trump called Time “a very important magazine” and he has “been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year and last year.”

“When you say the divided states of America, I didn’t divide them,” he quickly added. “They’re divided now. I mean there’s a lot of division, and we’re going to put it back together and we’re going to have a country that’s very well healed.”

However, many people are taking to social media to compare Trump’s cover with another infamous leader:

The New York Times, Today, The Washington Post, have all alluded to the Hitler cover in their pieces covering Trump’s latest accomplishment.

The magazine’s number two person of the year was none other than Hillary Clinton.

“This is the 90th time we have named the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year,” wrote Nancy Gibbs, Time Editor-in-Chief. “The challenge for Donald Trump is how profoundly the country disagrees about the answer … 2016 was the year of his rise; 2017 will be the year of his rule, and like all newly elected leaders, he has a chance to fulfill promises and defy expectations … For reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies and lie-streaming its fears, and for framing tomorrow’s yesterday’s, Donald Trump is Time’s 2016 Person of the Year.”

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The issue will be hitting the stands on December 19.