El Chapo's Lawyers Ask Donald Trump to Deport Him for Being a Criminal

El Chapo's Lawyers Ask Donald Trump to Deport Him for Being a Criminal

Move over Joanne, because Joaquin "El Chapo" Gúzman has taken your place as the #1 scammer.

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A lawyer who has worked with El Chapo is trying a new tactic to get him out of the country: He's calling on President Donald Trump to deport him from his jail cell in the U.S. back to Mexico. Lawyer Jose Luis Gonzalez Meza held up a banner ourside the Mexican Attorney General's Office in the capital Wednesday that read: "Mr. Trump, Deport the illegal and criminal Chapo Gúzman."

Considering Trump's stance on Mexican criminals, we have to admit that this is pretty genius. Gonzalez Meza said Mexican prosecutors violated due process when they extradited Guzman in January. 

"That means he is in the United States illegally," the lawyer said. "We are going to ask he returned, because he is illegal and criminal!"

Guzmán had pushed for an extradtion earlier last year when he was in Mexican custody. He was being held in central Mexico's Altiplano maximum security prison, where he had formerly escaped from in 2015. Guzmán complained that he was being subjected to "physical and mental torture."

"He told me, literally, 'Every two hours, at night, they wake me up to take roll ... they are turning me into a zombie. They do not let me sleep. All I want is just for them to let me sleep," one of his attorneys said.

However, Guzmán has complained of issues in the U.S. are "too restrictive," being denied water and physical activity. 

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Guzmán faces U.S. drug trafficking, money laundering and other charges in six U.S. states, which he has pleaded not guilty on. He currently faces the possibility of life in a U.S. prison if convicted.