9 Latin Sorority Sisters React to Angry Sorority Girl Letter!

Vanessa: She seems more concerned with the way this particular organization [Sigma Nu] thinks about her and her peers than what her own chapter may feel and think. Sadly, she presents a huge misconception of what an organization is and what we all stand for in most of our fraternal/ sorority organizations. Sisterhood and brotherhood is of upmost importance. Sometimes many sororities want pretty girls or popular girls and forget the true values their founders set for them. My best times have been with my sisters and I have learned so much from my chapter and my organization.

Shamar: I'm mind-blown right now at how many times she managed to put "f***" in that email! But seriously I'm shocked, and that's extremely embarrassing for the sorority to have that email out there. It is incidents like THIS that make it hard for all sororities in any council to be shown in a good light to society. But she seems very disturbed and we can only pray that everything goes well after this.

Shaneese: I understand why she may be upset, but the way she went about the whole situation was completely unacceptable and just wrong. I feel that she might have been bullied into this as well due to all of the name calling, and profanity used, but it by no means makes it okay to send this to your entire chapter. There are way more efficient ways to talk to your chapter. I feel as if this letter caters more to Sigma Nu giving them what they want. She may have just forgotten that the sisterhood she joined should come first. I hope as a chapter they learn how to communicate more efficiently and work out this situation.