New Poll Reveals Hispanic-Black Relations Are the Worst

A Gallup poll -- titled "Americans Rate Racial and Ethnic Relations in U.S. Positively: View black-Hispanic relations least positively" -- released on Wednesday revealed that relations between Hispanics and blacks received the lowest score.

The survey was conducted in anticipation of the Zimmerman trial verdict, which brought race relations back into the spotlight. According to Gallup, the poll cannot address the impact the verdict may have had on public perceptions of U.S. race relations in recent days.

But Americans' views of various intergroup relations had generally improved since 2008, which was the last year the poll was conducted.

The Huffington Post reports that relations between whites and blacks came in at second best, with 70 percent viewing them positively and 30 percent negatively. White-Hispanic relations scored 70 percent, the same as white-black relations.