15-Year-Old Soccer Player Says She Was Physically Assaulted By A Parent and Called a 'Dirty Mexican'


A soccer game in New Mexico turned violent when a fight broke out on the field and one parent reportedly grabbed a player in a choke hold. The teen victim is going public about her alleged assault, Washington Post reports.

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Blanca Retana, 15, was playing in the tied game on Saturday for group Alameda 99 when the fight broke out between players and the opposing team, Rio Galaxy. The teen reports a man placed her in a chokehold and says he pulled her "closer to him." "he pulled me closer to him. Retana says "I screamed for him to stop and he wouldn't let go."

Ana Garcia, the coach of the teen's team said an Alameda player pushed a Rio Galaxy player and two Rio Galaxy players jumped the Alameda girl. She also says the opposing team's fans repeatedly called her mostly Hispanic players racial slurs. "All throughout the game, the parents were calling the players things like 'dirty Mexicans', and other stuff I can't even repeat,' Garcia said.

The coach of the opposing team, Steve Kokulis, said he didn't hear any racial slurs by his team's parents but said his players told him that Alameda fans used anti-white phrases. He also denies seeing any parent assault a player "from where he was standing."

The Duke City Soccer League is investigating reports of the teen being assaulted and groped. It is illegal for parents to run into the field. Both teams have been suspended by the league for one game.

Santa Ana Pueblo Police were called to the scene since the incident occurred on tribal land, but no arrests were made. 

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The league will review video footage and all other evidence before making allegations of physical assault or child abuse.