Two Shot Dead During Anti-Government Protest in Venezuela


Two Venezuelan students died on Wednesday after being shot during a mass protest against President Nicolas Maduro.

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Hundreds to thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets in Caracas and other cities in what the people have called "the mother of all marches." Most were dissenters, denouncing Maduro for weakening democracy in the country, but supporters were also present in counter-demonstrations.

Witnesses say government supporters fired shots at an opposition gathering, killing 18-year-old Carlos Moreno. According to The Huffington Post, Moreno, a student, was not participating in the protest but rather trying to get past it while on his way to play soccer in Caracas. He was shot in the head and died in a clinic after receiving surgery.

That same day, in San Cristobal, armed men on motorbikes shot and killed university student Paola Ramirez.

The public prosecutor’s office said it was investigating both cases.

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Moreno and Ramirez are the latest to be killed during protests in Venezuela this month, bringing the death toll to seven.