WATCH: Explosion in Venezuela Injures Police Officers

Wikipedia/We are Millions March

An explosion during protests on Sunday injured at least three police officers in Venezuela.

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The protests took place in Caracas, Venezuela following a controversial election that if resulted in the government's favor would allow Venezuela's governing body to rewrite their constitution. Police stood head-to-head with opposition parties to try to dismantle barricades they made on roads in the South American country. Demonstrators who disapprove of Venezuela's leader, President Nicolás Maduro, cheered after the blast wrecked several police vehicles, according to CNN

So far at least 120 people have died during protests surrounding the state of crisis and political turmoil in Venezuela. At least six casualties were projected to have been found over this past weekend, including pro-Maduro candidate Jose Felix Pineda, who was shot dead in his home during a family gathering. 

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Although extreme protests have only been occurring for the past four months, Venezuela has been in a state of unrest for years. Under the increasingly authoritative Maduro regime, the country has experienced intense food and medicine shortages while crime rates are at an all-time high. Below is a clip of Sunday's explosion from News 5,