5 Rules For Running A Small Business in a Latinx Era


Did you know that Latinas start businesses at six times the rate as non-Latinas? And when they do it with the help of friends, family, and Facebook, that's extra awesome!
Meet Latina Mia Mazadiego Guenther and her hubby Mark Guenther co-owners of the rad Neon Retro Arcade in Pasadena, California. They opened their business in January of 2015 motivated by their shared passion for collecting retro arcade games and the desire to leave their jobs in the federal government to be closer to family. In just two years they have grown from a staff of two to seven, and are living their dream!

Here the dynamic duo share 5 tips to owning a small business you love!

  1. Maintain a strong online presence. Make sure your customers – as well as your potential customers – have access to information about your business.Before opening the arcade, Mark and Mia knew it was important to connect with their customers. They created a Facebook Page and brought the community along on their journey to opening day. When it came to open, Mark and Mia invested just $20 in Facebook advertising and reached enough people to fill a baseball stadium. Because of their Facebook success, they now focus 100% of their marketing budget towards social media.
  2. Be a good team. Because Mia and Mark are partners in work AND life, they are always respectful of each others talents and time, and try to separate their home life from their work life. At the end of the day, the couple that plays and slays together, stays together!
  3. Connect with your customers wherever they are. Even though the Neon Arcade is a physical location, they connect with current and new customers cross all their devices, wherever they are. In addition to games, Neon Arcade hosts parties and the couple are a resource for retro gaming.
  4. Tell a story. Video and Live on Facebook are just two of the many ways that storytelling has gotten easier. From creative apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang from Instagram to ad formats like carousel and Canvas on Facebook, its easier than ever to create thumb-stopping creative to capture your customers' attention. Still not sure where to start? Check out Mobile Studio for tools, tips, and tricks for creating great ads, straight from your mobile device.“
  5. Share Your Story. Unless you are selling a pure commodity, you want your customers to understand and relate to the “why” of your business. You started this business because of your passion, so that can be a great asset when explaining what your business does and more importantly, why you do it. Your best customers likely have a strong emotional connection to your products/services. They probably don’t just buy because it is 10 cents cheaper than the competition. Tap into that emotional connection, and infuse it into your marketing efforts. Before you know it, you could have a growing customer base with people who thank you for opening your business because it means so much for them.”