Father of Four Detained By ICE and His Daughter Is Fighting To Free Him


Especially in today’s society, thousands of people in the United States have been met with the fear of a family member being deported or detained. We have been proven time and time again that almost anyone at risk can be targeted by this harsh reality. Sometimes, one can even be mislead about the situation and have it happen right under your nose.

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Viviana Morales wanted to do everything in her power to help her father, Melecio, obtain a permanent residency in the United States. When the Yale University student accompanied her father to a court in Denver, Colorado all was seemingly going well. Much to her surprise, however, officials had prohibited her from going inside with him, after claiming that Melecio had been recommended for approval.

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, “Twenty minutes later, Melecio’s representative informed Viviana that her father had been aggressively removed from the room.” Additionally, Viviana was denied any communication with her father until ICE officials arrived. “When ICE entered, they aggressively pushed Melecio’s representative and interpreter out of the room, and said that they had an expedited removal proceeding for Melecio. However, they refused to show the representative proof.”

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Melecio is a father of 4, who has been working in this country to provide for his family since 1998. He has been held in the ICE Denver Contract Detention Facility since October 12, and does not have access to his anxiety medication. Viviana is fighting to bring her dad home, while shining light on the mistreatment of immigrants in this country who have no path to citizenship.

Watch her statement below: