The 'Indefensible' Podcast Shares Stories of Immigrants Fighting to Stay in the U.S.


While President Donald Trump's barefaced xenophobia has brought conversations on the country's broken immigration system to the forefront, the problem has long existed. A new podcast is exploring this long-fought battle by sharing the stories of those fighting back.

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"Indefensible," a five-episode podcast by the Immigrant Defense Project, a nonprofit organization promoting fairness for immigrants accused of breaking the law, humanizes people deemed delinquents and criminals for simply seeking better opportunities in the U.S.

To do so, host Will Coley speaks with five immigrants, from various backgrounds, who have had interactions with law enforcement.

“We were very interested and spoke to some people who had some sort of conviction or had some sort of interaction with law enforcement, because it seems like … even over the last 20 years, people have really sort of demonized people with convictions and not really thought about how people end up in this intersection of criminal justice and immigration,” Coley told Remezcla.

For him, it’s crucial for audiences to recognize the humans behind the condemnatory news reports.

“We really wanted to tell those stories in a way that built more sympathy for them and more understanding about why people could be in those situations and how those folks shouldn’t be thrown under the bus when it comes to talking about immigration rights and immigration reform,” Coley added.

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Catch the first two episodes of “Indefensible” on SoundCloud, and stay tuned for more from the project.

(h/t Remezcla)