New Poll Reveals One in Three Latinos Have Faced Discrimination In The U.S.

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National Public Radio (NPR) has been working on a project called "You, Me and Them: Experiencing Discrimination In America." Partnering alongside the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, this project highlights the negative effects that discrimination has on a person's health. As part of their study, Latinos were researched and participated in a poll about discrimination experiences  – NPR released their findings on Wednesday.

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Searching for a job, an apartment, or just simply having equal pay doesn't come quite as easily to Latinos in the U.S. According to the research, 37 percent of those who were surveyed said that they have experienced racial or ethnic slurs. More specifically, 25 percent of Latinas say they have even experienced discrimination inside a doctor's office or health clinic. 

One in three Latinos reported they've faced discrimination when applying for jobs, searching for a house or apartment, and even when being considered for promotions. There is a long list of scenarios where discrimination is found, but to keep it simple, the study shows that negative assumptions about our race are still alive and well. These organizations also highlight that discrimination, in general, can raise the risk of various diseases and decrease overall life expectancy rates.

 "Additionally, at least one in five Latinos say they or a family member have been treated unfairly by the courts (20 percent) or unfairly stopped or treated by the police (27 percent) because they are Latino," mentions the report. 

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As if the results aren't disconcerting enough, the report also finds that Latinos who have immigrated to the U.S. face more than twice as much discrimination than non-immigrants Latinos. Nowadays, there seems to be a wave non-stop prejudice against Latinos and unfortunately, there are many minority groups who are in the same boat. While this research proves that Hispanics are one of the targets of discrimination, it is pertinent that we do our best not to let the man in the oval office negatively influence the Latino image. Instead, we should work towards change for the betterment of all minorities and one day see these percentages drop.