The 19 Best Mamis On TV!

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and before we celebrate with our own beloved mothers, we wanted to take time to shout out the mami’s on television.

Both real and fictional, these Latina mothers care deeply for their kids, which we love!

1. TV Moms: La La Anthony

La La Anthony

As busy as she is, La La Anthony always puts her son Kiyan first before all else, which is what we love most about her. You can tell the TV personality/businesswoman has her priorities straight on her VH1 show La La’s Full Court Life – in between her gigs and commitments, she’s right beside her son. 

2. TV Moms: Maria Canals-Barrera

Maria Canals-Barrera

Maria Canals-Barrera is known (to us) as having played Disney Channel’s favorite mom, Theresa Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. Theresa is "passionate" and "crazy," both personality traits that Canals-Barrera used to describe her beloved character in a March 2013 interview with “I love playing her. She's so fun to be!” the actress added.

3. TV Moms: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Remember when Eva Longoria’s Desperate Housewives character Gabrielle Solis was ridiculously materialistic at the very beginning of the series? Years passed and we were later greeted by a very different Gabrielle – a Gabrielle that was now a mother to two frumpy (and overweight) girls named Juanita and Celia. We like that Longoria’s character loved her daughters for who they are, not what they look like.

4. TV Moms: Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

We loved Judy Reyes’ character Carla Espinosa from the comedy series Scrubs. She was frank and bossy, yet caring and very nurturing to interns. She later married Christopher Turk and they started a family together.

5. TV Moms: Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

The beautiful (and very pregnant) Jamie-Lynn Sigler stars as Emily in NBC's new comedy Guys with Kids. We love seeing her character manage her husband Nick (Zach Cregger) as he tries to manage their kids.

6. TV Moms: Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

In the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, Sara Ramirez played Dr. Callie Torres, who gives birth to a beautiful baby named Sofia with partner Arizona Robbins

7. TV Moms: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

She’s loud, exaggerated, and can be overwhelming to her family. But one thing is for sure – Sofia Vergara’s character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the hit comedy series Modern Family is crazy about her son Manny. We can feel the love through our TV screens.

8. TV Moms: Emily B

Emily B

The gorgeous Love & Hip Hop star (whose real name is Emily Bustamante) became a mom as a teen to her eldest daughter. On the VH1 show, you can see the Dominican-American celebrity stylist give her daughter guidance and encouraging words often and care for her son Johan (whose father is rapper Fabolous).

9. TV Moms: Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

Before she tragically died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, the Mexican-American music icon Jenni Rivera did all she could for her five children (Chiquis, Jenicka, Michael, Johnny, and Jacquie). Despite having some issues with her daughter Chiquis, it was clear how much the late singer cared about her kids on her mun2 show, I Love Jenni.

10. TV Moms: Joanna Kerns

Joanna Kerns

We all remember Joanna Kerns’ role as the quintessential American mom Maggie Seaver in the family comedy classic, Growing Pains.

11. TV Moms: Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada

The Boricua Basketball Wives star does not play when it comes to her baby girl, Shaniece. The reality TV star/businesswoman had her daughter when she was young, and on the VH1 show it’s clear how much she cares for her, especially during one episode where Lozada tears up on her daughter’s high school graduation day. That’s love.

12. TV Moms: Constance Marie

Constance Marie

Constance Marie is best known for playing a wife and mother of two on George Lopez and the late Selena Quintanilla’s mother in the famous 1997 film Selena. But most recently, Marie plays Regina Vasquez on ABC Family's Switched at Birth, which centers on the lives of two teens (and their families) as they deal with finding out the babies were given to the wrong families. Marie’s character is a strong single mom and recovering alcoholic who’s raising a child hit with meningitis. In a January 2013 interview with, the 47-year-old actress told us, “I had never played a single mom, and I'm the daughter of one, so for me that was great. This is my homage to hardworking badass single moms.” 

13. TV Moms: Belita Moreno

Belita Moreno

We loved to hate Belita Moreno’s character on George Lopez. The actress played the remorseless and harsh Benita "Benny" Lopez on the show. She definitely reminds us of that one woman in your family with a rough edge, who always keeps it real.

14. TV Moms: Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz

We once named Ana Ortiz’s Ugly Betty character Hilda Suarez as “TV’s Coolest Mom,” and our sentiments haven’t changed. On the show, Suarez had great qualities, including having an open mind and being very accepting of others (especially with regards to her flamboyant son, Justin).

15. TV Moms: Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan

The legendary Gloria Estefan thrilled both her fans and Glee fans alike when she starred as Santana Lopez’s (Naya Rivera) mom on the hit musical show. The cubana said that even though her character is tough, she's also a “very supportive and loving mom.” We agree – and we also agree that Estefan is both supportive and loving to her two real children, Nayib and Emily.

16. TV Moms: JoAnna Garcia Swisher

JoAnna Garcia Swisher

Playing a mom on television is familiar territory for JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who is best known for her role as young single mom Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery on the WB’s hit sitcom Reba. Swisher (who is currently expecting her first child with husband Nick Swisher) also played Mia Putney in the ABC sitcom Better with You.

17. TV Moms: Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla

Though Lana Parrilla plays an Evil Queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, we love her role as a mom. The actress (who is of Puerto Rican descent) plays an adoptive mother who fears losing her son to his biological mother.

18. TV Moms: Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin

The actress of Brazilian descent plays Jessica Brody in the Emmy-winning Showtime series Homeland – a strong woman and mother who struggles to adjust with the return of husband, who was a prisoner of war for eight years.

19. TV Moms: Paola Turbay

Paola Turbay

We don’t know how Paola Turbay’s character handles her promiscuous daughter on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but she does. Cindy Lee has got her hands full with her daughter Adrian (Francia Raisa), but remains the kind of mother who really takes the time to try and understand her daughter’s behavior.