The Men of Late-Night TV Respond To Trump's Charlottesville Statement

CBS The Late Show/YouTube

While America started off last weekend worried about Kim Jong Un's planned missile strike, things took a turn for the worse on our own soil. Charlottesville, Virginia was the scene of very hateful and disturbing events throughout the weekend. While the whole country watched sick to their stomachs, the President had a hard time finding the words to address it.

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On Monday, Donald Trump finally addressed the horrifying events that happened over the weekend but, the public was not happy. Among those who were shocked by 45's response were the men of late-night TV. Comedians such as Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have always done their best to stray away from sharing their political opinions on their shows but last night, they stood together to address something the right way. Take a look at some of Hollywood's responses.

On the Late Show starring Colbert, he expressed how easy it was to address what is bad and what is good. In addition to the humor, he added: "How can you possibly say that you condemn this in the strongest possible terms when you don't even name the groups responsible or say what they did?" 

Connan O'Brien took to TBS' Conan to mock the President and started off with "That was a very depressing weekend. I never thought I'd say thank God it's Monday." 

Following the trend, Jimmy Kimmel also took to his show last night to say his extensive piece on Trump's statement. "As you know, this weekend in Virginia, the worst people in the United States went to the hardware store, bought tiki torches, lit 'em up and marched in Charlottesville. A non-violent protester was killed by a white supremacist, and so the President—who is the President, by the way—went on television to say this: 'We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, violence, and bigotry—on many sides. On many sides.' "He started strong and then he had to throw in 'on many sides." the comedian joked. 

On a more serious note, Kimmel also mentioned "Of course, everyone went nuts because there weren't 'many sides.' The protesters were shouting Nazi slogans. They were carrying Nazi flags. One of them killed a young woman and injured dozens of other people with his car. There were two sides—not many sides—and one of those sides had Nazis on it,"

Below is a more dismal clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.