Trump May Be Pardoning Sheriff Who Targeted Immigrants


Among all the chaos going on this weekend in Charlottesville, President Donald Trump has taken to twitter to address other issues. 

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As we all know, the 45th president is a big follower of FOX News so it's not suprising when he retweets their stories. But on Tuesday, he retweeted a story they released about a proposed pardon of former Arizona sheriff  Joe Arpaio. The ex-sheriff was found guilty of criminal contempt earlier this year after defying a judge's order to stop his immigration patrol policies. He was stripped of his title as sheriff because his policies were made up of extreme racial profiling.

While the president had a hard time finding the words to address the issues in Virginia, he did not forget to mention that he was "seriously considering" a pardon of the criminalized sheriff. Arpaio has long-supported Trump throughout his candidacy and now presidency. – perhaps their friendship is held more important. Judging by his recent retweet below, 45 may still be pondering that pardon of his supporter.  



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Whether or not the pardon of this criminal is really happening is up in the air, but hopefully the presidet has his priorities straight.