Pew Study Finds Blacks and Latinos Love Instagram and Twitter

A national study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that 26% of black Internet users and 19% of Latinos prefer Twitter, compared to 14% of white users, while 23% of black and 18% of Latino users reported using Instagram.   

Pew compiled the survey after phone interviews with 1,802 respondents between Nov. 14 to Dec. 9, 2012. Asian Americans weren't included in the study because there were not enough respondents to draw statistically reliable conclusions. The survey was conducted in English and Spanish on landline and cell phones with Internet users.

While the study found Facebook a free for all site—two-thirds of respondents say they're on the leading social network site—black and Latinos are more likely to use Twitter and Instagram than other groups. While white women under 50 continue to pin away on Pinterest, blacks and Latinos are attracted to Twitter's level playing field, according to social media consultant Wayne Sutton.

Blacks and Latinos are also leading the way in terms of buying smartphones or tablets. A March 2012 Nielsen study found that 57.3% of Latino phone owners and 54.4% of black phone owners own smartphones vs. 44.7% for whites.