This Latina Travel Blogger Is Changing the World With Every Trip She Takes


Have you ever had a burning desire, that you couldn't shake off? Where pretty much everything around you sends you signs to follow that dream? This is how Social Entrepreneur and Travel Blogger, Jennifer Morilla compared the fire she had before skyrocketing into the successful travel career she currently has. Through exploring, the Cuban-American is immersing herself in all that culture has to offer all while giving back. 

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“I don’t know what I want to do, but I want to change the world.” -Jennifer Morilla


Her journey began when she realized that she wasn’t happy in her marketing position. The now 28-year-old shared she was in “a very bad place” and the corporate 9-5 pretty much wasn’t cutting it. She had a car, comfortable income and doing very well for herself but was “miserable.” After much thought Morilla gave her two weeks notice, sold her car and other belongings, kept a budget and saved $14,000. The magic was about to begin as she purchased a one-way ticket to Indonesia and has never looked back on her decision. 

Morilla isn't just another travel blogger living a gypsy lifestyle, this Latina gives back to communities she explores. She remembers telling her father the idea she had, sharing with him “I don’t know what I want to do, but I want to change the world.” Within three years the New York native has been able to provide clean water to third world countries and impact thousands of lives! 

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The globetrotter travels with clean water filters which provide fresh drinkable water to 100 people for up to five years. She provides water filters to the community through fundraising money online which helps create a system for all to have access to clean drinkable water. See, it’s not only about travelling and enjoying and relaxing, she has a purpose behind her travels; emotionally connecting with the natives and using her social entrepreneurship by helping those in need.



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Being an entrepreneur runs in Jen’s blood. Her parents are both entrepreneurs, they left Cuba with one thought, “either stay and fail 100% or leave and have a 50% making it.” The latter has proven to be the better decision. Jennifer saw what her parents had to go through and admires the drive they had. 

While speaking to Jen, I heard the joy in her voice as she’s describing how she changes lives and I felt the fire that pushes her to do what she loves. Jennifer is definitely an inspiring Latina and is the definition of “life-liver, dream go-getter.” As for the future, Jen hopes to write a book and keep sharing and spreading inspiration.