The "Baby" Names Facebook & Circumcision Have Been Banned by Mexican State


Well, that escalated quickly. The Mexican state of Sonora has put a ban on 61 names for children, reports the Associated Press. Two of the names? Facebook and Circumcision. But here's the crazy part: since state officials can only ban names that have been found in official registries, it means that somewhere out there there's at least one child named Facebook, and one child named Circumcision. 

Yes, seriously.

The new law, which started Monday, seeks to prevent children from being bullied, according to Sonora state Civil Registry director Cristina Ramirez. 

”The law is very clear because it prohibits giving children names that are derogatory or that don’t have any meaning and that can lead to bullying,” Sonora state Civil Registry director Cristina Ramirez said Tuesday. More names could be added to the list, as officials are still checking registries.

What do you think? Should the government have the right to ban your baby name? Share in the comments!

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