New Music Picks: Danna Paola, Ivy Queen, Ivonne Galaz and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features returns to music from Mexican pop star Danna Paola and Puerto Rican icon Ivy Queen. Ivonne Galaz continues to make her mark in corridos tumbados with “De Eso Se Trata.”

Also on the list: Ozuna teams up with Tokischa and Anitta joins forces with Maluma. Plus, Chesca and Alejo’s dreamy collaboration, Paulo Londra’s new single with Ed Sheeran, and Pol Granch’s angsty dance anthem. 

Danna Paola, “XT4S1S”

Danna Paola is back with her first new single of the year. The Mexican pop star embraces a rock-infused edge in “XT4S1S.” The song marks the first time Paola has produced one of her songs. She co-produced it with fellow Mexican artist Alex Hoyer. Backed by The xx-like guitars, Paola sings about living life on a constant climax. “Delicious vibes,” she sings winkingly in Spanish. “XT4S1S” is an exhilarating ride with Paola channeling her liberation into a fierce and feel-good anthem. “Today, I live my music at 1000 percent,” she said in a statement. “I lived it in ‘XT4S1S’ since it is the state of mind in which I am creating music, being myself, and expressing my genuine energy through my art.” Paola also announced the XT4S1S Tour in Mexico. More tour dates in the U.S. and the rest of Latin America are coming soon.

Ivy Queen, “Quién Dijo”

The queen of reggaeton music has returned. Ivy Queen has released “Quién Dijo”, her first new single of the year. The Puerto Rican legend embraces bachata music through her heartbreak anthem. She’s previously dabbled in bachata sounds, especially with reggaeton bangers like “Dime” and “Te He Querido, Te He Llorado.” However, with “Quién Dijo,” she tackles a more pure form of the Dominican genre with a trap music twist. Backed by tropical beats, Ivy Queen sings about a past relationship that still has a hold on her heart. “I move heaven and earth for you because you are my one and only,” she sings in Spanglish. Ivy Queen is captivating in this emotional rollercoaster of a track. She will perform at the Rumbazo festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 10 alongside Maluma, Prince Royce, and Omar Apollo.

Ivonne Galaz, “De Eso Se Trata”

Ivonne Galaz has released her first new single of the year. The Mexican singer-songwriter returns with the song “De Eso Se Trata.” Galaz is one of the most prominent female voices in the corridos tumbados genre. She is signed to Rancho Humilde alongside Natanael Cano and Junior H. Last year, she released the first major corridos tumbados album by a woman with “Voy En Camino.” Galaz is still well on her way in “De Eso Se Trata.” She mixes the corridos tumbados thump with a norteño music twist. With a voice beyond her years, Galaz sings about brushing off the haters and living her life as she wants to. Her unbothered energy is a whole mood in this empowering anthem.

Ozuna and Tokischa, “Somos Iguales”

After releasing “Hola” with Eladio Carrión last week, Tokischa is back with “Somos Iguales.” She features on the single by Puerto Rican superstar Ozuna. The song samples the dancehall classic “Rich Girl” by British duo Louchie Lou and Michie One. Gwen Stefani famously covered the song with Eve in 2004. Their collaboration also incorporates the bounce of reggaeton and dembow beats. Ozuna and Tokischa sing about an inclusive dance floor where everyone can live their best lives. “On the dance floor, anything goes; here we are all the same,” Ozuna alongside the famously bisexual Tokischa. “Somos Iguales” is a feel-good club banger that Tokischa gives a fierce touch. Ozuna’s U.S. tour kicks off on Sept. 30 in Brooklyn, New York.

Anitta and Maluma, “El Que Espera”

Anitta released the next single from her upcoming “Version of Me” deluxe edition album. She teamed up with Colombian superstar Maluma for “El Que Espera.” The Brazilian pop star has collaborated with him before — on “Sim Ou Não” in 2016. Anitta and Maluma turn up the heat in “El Que Espera.” In the sultry reggaeton track, the two singers trade verses about hooking up again because the lovers they currently have aren’t cutting it. “I love Maluma!” she previously told LATINA. “We’ve been together so many times. I like working with him. It’s like being with someone that you’re just very intimate [with].” Later this week, Anitta will release the music video for “Lobby” featuring Missy Elliott.

Chesca and Alejo, “Piensas En Mi”

With Chesca recruiting Alejo for her new single “Piensas En Mi”, Two Puerto Rican talents on the rise have joined forces. Alejo is most known for his viral hit “Pantysito” with Robi and Feid. He also released his debut EP “Full Discoteka” earlier this year. Chesca notably collaborated with Pitbull on her breakthrough hit “Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby).” Chesca’s sultry voice meets Alejo’s alluring vocals in “Piensas En Mi.” Backed by an atmospheric reggaeton beat, the two artists trade verses about a hot-and-heavy romance. Chesca’s reggaeton pop romp is simply irresistible. Concerning not being defined by one genre, she previously told LATINA, “I’m not just a fan of reggaeton, but a fan of music and anything that represents me or speaks to me. I feel like that’s the beauty of being an artist. I think it’s an exciting time to evolve.”

Paulo Londra and Ed Sheeran, “Noche de Novela”

Ed Sheeran is continuing his dive into the Latin music market. Earlier this year, the British singer-songwriter teamed up with J Balvin for the song “Forever My Love.” Now, Sheeran joins forces with Argentine singer Paulo Londra for “Noche de Novela.” The sleek track blends R&B beats with a touch of Sheeran’s acoustic guitar. This collaboration slaps, with Londra singing about a telenovela-like romance unfolding on the dance floor. The chemistry is pretty good between both artists, even with Londra singing in Spanish and Sheeran singing in English. “I think this night has got potential,” Sheeran sings. This bilingual club banger hits differently in the best way.

Pol Granch, “Solo x Ti”

Pol Granch continues to branch out into different sounds with his new single. The Spanish singer-songwriter dabbles in synth-pop with an alternative edge in “Solo x Ti.” Backed by a swirl of dreamy synths, Granch sings about wanting a second chance at a relationship he messed up. With a uniquely Spanish and French accent that reflects his heritage, he pours his heart out in a passionate and angsty performance. “Solo x Ti” is an endearing sad-boy pop song that’s ready for the dance floor. Earlier this year, Granch released the rock-infused “No Te Bastó, Mi Corazón.” He also appeared in his second season of the hit Netflix series “Élite.” His next album is due out this fall.