New Music Picks: Karol G, Bruses, Estevie & Cuco, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes the new album from Karol G, Bruses’ literal heartbreak anthem, and Estevie’s dreamy collaboration with Cuco.

Also on the list: Álvaro Díaz’s sexy song with RaiNao, Kany García’s foray into banda with Carin León, and Gordo’s banger with Maluma. Plus, Feid’s Afrobeats-infused single and the emergence of Pink Pablo.

Karol G, “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”

Karol G is building off her last album with Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season). The new LP includes the Colombian superstar’s Tejano-inspired song “Mi Ex Tenía Razón.” While paying tribute to Selena Quintanilla, Karol G appears to shade Anuel AA by singing about how Feid is a better boyfriend. She also teams up with Peso Pluma in the reggaeton romp “QLONA” and Young Miko in hypnotic “Dispo.” Karol G is currently touring the U.S. with her Mañana Será Bonito Tour.

Bruses, “Trasplante De Corazón”

Bruses is one of the most exciting and freshest voices to emerge from Mexico. The Mexican singer-songwriter gives Latin pop a rock-infused edge in her new music. Bruses’ new single “Trasplante De Corazón” is a heartfelt power pop ballad. She sings about wanting to get a heart transplant to forget an ex that still lingers on her mind. The song will be included on Bruses’ upcoming EP Cuando Ella Me Besó Probé A Dios.

Estevie and Cuco, “El Paso”

Estevie, the musical project of Sarah Silva, continues to explore her Mexican roots in her music. She teamed up with Chicano singer Cuco for her new single “El Paso.” Estevie puts an alternative twist on cumbia and sonidero music in the captivating collaboration. She trades verses with a psychedelic Cuco about doing whatever it takes to keep their romance alive. Estevie is breathing new life into regional Mexican with her bicultural perspective.

Álvaro Díaz and RaiNao, “Suki”

Two of Puerto Rico’s rising stars have joined forces. Álvaro Díaz teamed up with RaiNao for his new single “Suki.” Díaz continues to push reggaeton into the future with his alternative take on the genre. In the alluring song, Díaz trades verses with RaiNao about a woman who is living her best life. The collaboration will be included on Díaz’s upcoming album Sayonara. His fans are helping unlock the LP with the #FreeSayonara hashtag.

Kany García and Carin León, “Te Lo Agradezco”

Kany García explores the Mexican banda genre with Carin León. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter teams up with León for “Te Lo Agradezco,” which also includes a fusion of country music. In emotional performances, García and León trade verses about thanking an ex for the lessons in romance while kicking them to curb for good. García will kick off her USA Tour 2023 on August 30 at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

Gordo and Maluma, “Parcera”

Gordo masterfully blends his worlds of EDM and Latin music in his songs. The Guatemalan-American DJ teamed up with Colombian superstar Maluma for his new single “Parcera.” Gordo seamlessly brings together house and reggaeton music. Maluma gives the collaboration a sultry touch with his flirty flow. “A lot of people don’t know that Maluma and I have only been boys for a few years but the music we make together is so next level,” Gordo told LATINA.

Feid, “Vente Conmigo”

Ferxxo fever is at an all-time high. Since the release of Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo Te Pirateamos El Álbum last year, rising Colombian star Feid has become one of the most-streamed artists in the world. In his sexy single “Vente Conmigo,” he blends his nostalgic reggaeton with elements of Afrobeats. Feid sings about finding romance on the dancefloor and escaping to a private party for two. In the trippy music video, he gives some insight into how Feid became Ferxxo.

Pink Pablo, “Veo Luces”

There’s no limits to the sound of Pink Pablo. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is blazing his own path in Latin music thanks to his alternative and fearless edge. In his dreamy single “Veo Luces,” Pink Pablo puts a psychedelic touch on his pop-punk sound. He sings about getting high off a hot-and-heavy romance. “A mix of lust, love, and drugs, ‘Veo Luces’ is the perfect balance of romance and immorality,” Pink Pablo tells LATINA. “It’s a love song for sinners and lovers alike.”

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News and W Magazine.