New Music Picks: Natti Natasha, Javiera Mena, Mon Laferte and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Dominican superstar Natti Natasha’s dream reggaeton collaboration and Javiera Mena’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month anthem.

Also on the list, Mon Laferte’s adventures in a “Supermercado,” Ana Macho’s magical EP and Ana Mena’s club banger with Belinda. Plus, Colombian singer Llane drops his debut album, Mexican artists Ramón Vega and Maciel team up for “Escorpión” and Dímelo Flow dreams big with his LP.

Natti Natasha, Daddy Yankee & Wisin y Yandel, “Mayor Que Usted”

Natti Natasha is back with the heaviest hitters in reggaeton music. In “Mayor Que Usted,” the Dominican superstar teams up with Puerto Rican pioneers Daddy Yankee and Wisin y Yandel. The song opens with a nod to Wisin y Yandel’s classic “Ahora Es” before exploding into a bachatón banger. Natasha sings about getting her life on the dance floor to perreo. Wisin y Yandel come through with their signature romantic and rough-around-the-edges flows. Towards the end, Daddy Yankee hops on the track and fires off a speedy and swaggering guest verse. With Daddy Yankee announcing his retirement this year and Wisin y Yandel splitting up soon, Natasha captures the essence of classic reggaeton with the OGs themselves. The song will be included on Natasha’s new EP that will be released next month.

Javiera Mena, “La Isla de Lesbos”

Javiera Mena invites listeners to “La Isla de Lesbos” in her new single. The Chilean musician and producer comes through with another synth-pop fantasy. Mena has always been open about identifying as lesbian in her music and she embraces that here. Mena is truly a queer icon, with her birthday — June 3 — falling perfectly within LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Fittingly, “La Isla de Lesbos” is the perfect song and music video to celebrate the queer occasion. “Love is love, así se dice,” she assures. “We wanted to present lesbians as a group of high quality professionals,” Mena told LATINA. “It’s something more real: a lesbian party where everyone knows each other.” The song will be included on Mena’s upcoming album “Nocturna.”

Mon Laferte, “Supermercado”

Mon Laferte is giving chaotic “Supermarket Sweep” vibes in her new music video. The Chilean singer-songwriter experiences a breakdown in “Supermercado” while shopping around a grocery store. In the breezy alternative rock track, Laferte compares strange things happening in the supermarket to a relationship that’s on the rocks. “I got mad at my partner at the supermarket and wrote the song while I was there,” she told LATINA. The music video encompasses that conflict beautifully as Laferte rages against the products in aisle three. Unfortunately, as we see in the end, she’s caught in the act. The song is included on her latest album “1940 Carmen.”

Ana Macho, “Realismo Mágico”

Ana Macho is breaking out with their new EP “Realismo Mágico.” The artist and comedian proudly represents their Caguas, Puerto Rico roots in their music. The non-binary pop star had a breakout moment last year when they teamed up with Boricua rapper Villano Antillano for the empowering “Muñeca.” In “Realismo Mágico,” Macho is continuing to celebrate their perseverance and power as a strong queer voice from Puerto Rico. That’s best exemplified in the EP’s lead single, “Pero Gané,” where they stay winning over disco-infused reggaeton beats. On the 8-track EP, Macho explores more sounds of the Caribbean. The stunning “Llueve” is a dazzling bolero with a tropical touch. In “Amiga,” they come through with a soothing and hypnotic ode to camaraderie. Macho’s second EP is truly magical.

Ana Mena and Belinda, “Las 12”

Spanish pop stars unite! Ana Mena teamed up with Belinda for her new single for “Las 12.” The two singers recently co-starred in the Netflix series “Bienvenidos a Edén” [“Welcome to Eden”]. For “Las 12,” Mena comes through with a beast of a club banger. Backed by neon synths, Mena and Belinda sing about partaking in a night of dance floor euphoria. Belinda brings a sultry edge to the dance track with her guest verses. When the summer sun goes down, Mena and Belinda are ready to take the night with this party anthem. Belinda recently returned to music this year with the release of her singles “Eden” and “Colorblind.”

Ramón Vega and Michelle Maciel, “Escorpión”

Ramón Vega continues to emerge as a multi-genre Latin pop star. The Mexican singer broke out last year with “Contigo Mami,” his regional take on Roy Orbison’s classic “Oh, Pretty Woman.” Vega later collaborated with Mexican rapper Gera MX in the breezy “Wiken.” For his new single “Escorpión,” he embraces synth-pop alongside rising Mexican singer Michelle Maciel. For this magical collaboration, Vega and Maciel trade heartfelt verses about turning up the heat with their lovers. These teens come through with a sleek dance track that exudes Mexican swagger. The cute music video for “Escorpión” pays homage to the luchador culture of Mexico. The song will be included on “PA TI :),” Vega’s upcoming debut album.

Llane, “Fino”

Llane is making his mark as a solo artist. The Colombian singer-songwriter released his hotly-anticipated debut album “Fino.” It’s been quite the journey for Llane, who departed the band Piso 21 in 2018. Across the 11-track LP, he puts a pop twist on multiple genres. For the song “Fino,” he teams up with Venezuelan artist Danny Ocean. They lay the love on thick with this alluring banger. In “Pensamientos Oscuros,” Llane comes through with a hot-and-heavy bedroom jam. With “Oveja Negra,” he joins forces with rapper Masego, who has roots in Jamaica, Cuba and South Africa. The resulting track is a world-class, swoon-worthy collaboration. “And to all the people that have followed me after all this time, this is for them,” Llane told LATINA.

Dímelo Flow, “Always Dream”

Dímelo Flow is the producer behind all of Sech’s biggest hits. Now, the Panamanian musician is breaking out with his debut album “Always Dream.” Across a whopping 23 tracks, Dímelo Flow teams up with all the heavy-hitters and rising stars in reggaeton music. In the alluring banger “Qué Me Contás,” Sech returns the favor alongside J Balvin, Justin Quiles and Lenny Tavárez. Dímelo Flow gets the party started with “Suelta,” which features icons Fatman Scoop and Mr. Vegas with Rauw Alejandro, Farruko and María Becerra. Another out-of-this-world collaboration is the sensual love song “Crazy” with Wisin, Ozuna, Arcángel, Tavárez and Jay Wheeler. Dímelo Flow assembles an incredible album that’s filled with the stuff that perreo dreams are made of.