New Music Picks: Sofia Reyes, Emilia & Tini, Tokischa, and More

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  • Emilia and Tini, "La_Original.mp3." Credit Tomás Pons.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes new albums from Mexico’s Sofia Reyes and Argentina’s Emilia and an epic collaboration between reggaeton icons Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel.

Also on the list: an empowering dembow banger from Tokischa, Arcángel’s inspiring “La Chamba” featuring Peso Pluma, and Latin Mafia open their hearts with Humbe\. Plus, Marshmello’s Latin album with stellar collaborations and the breakthrough of Sael.

Sofia Reyes and Gera MX, “Milamores”

Sofia Reyes is letting the light in on her new album “Milamores.” The Mexican pop star follows up her breakup album from last year with this colorful effort, which includes the otherworldly “Luna” and hyperpop track “TQUM” with Danna Paola. In addition to Paola, Reyes teams up with more Mexican acts like Ingratax in the dreamy “Altitud” and Caloncho in the breezy “Yo Tuya, Tú Mío.” The standout on the album is her captivating collaboration “Milamores” with Mexican rapper Gera MX, which seamlessly blends bolero with hip-hop beats. “It’s a very beautiful and very loving album,” Reyes told LATINA. “I really hope people feel that.

Emilia and Tini, “La_Original.mp3”

Emilia is bringing back pop from the 2000s with her second album “.mp3.” The LP includes the Argentine star’s past hits “No_Se_Ve.mp3” with Ludmilla and “GTA.mp3” where channeled Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” In one of the album’s biggest moments, Emilia joins forces with another of Argentina’s top female artists, Tini. The two women team up the fierce “La_Original.mp3.” In the house-infused banger, they sing about burning up the dance floor like it’s a fashion runway. “Each song will make you feel as if you can take over the world,” Emilia told LATINA. “You’ll believe what I’m singing and vibe with it.”

Tokischa, “Candy”

After featuring on a number of stellar collaborations this year, Tokischa has released a new single where she shines brightly on her own. The Dominican superstar comes through with another dembow banger in the form of “Candy.” The song is based on a person in Tokischa’s neighborhood who loves to live life in an extra way. She is known for not being afraid to push boundaries, so she perfectly embodies that free spirit in this addictive track. “[I want] for everybody to feel free to say whatever they want, to feel free to feel whatever they want to feel, and happiness and love,” Tokischa told LATINA last year.

Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel, “Sandunga”

Don Omar is bringing back the golden era of reggaeton music. The Puerto Rican icon reunited two legendary duos for his new single “Sandunga.” He teamed up with Wisin y Yandel for the song that was produced by pioneers of the genre, Luny Tunes. In the explosive track, Omar and Wisin y Yandel trade verses about getting the party started like the old days. “This song not only resonates with its audience, but it beckons them to dance and relish the experience, harkening back to the roots of reggaeton when it was, quite simply, ‘Sandunga,'” Omar shared in a statement. The song is included on his comeback EP “Back To Reggaeton.”

Arcángel and Peso Pluma, “La Chamba”

Arcángel joins forces with Mexican superstar Peso Pluma for his new single “La Chamba.” The Dominican icon blends reggaeton beats with the story of how working hard can help people overcome the struggle, which is at the heart of many corridos. Peso Pluma, who is the breakthrough Latin artist of the year, helps him perfectly deliver that empowering message. Puerto Rican hit-maker Tainy is at the helm of the hypnotic reggaeton track. In the music video, Danny Trejo, who is known for playing “Machete,” helps Arcángel and Peso Pluma run a taco shop.

Latin Mafia and Humbe, “Patadas De Ahogado”

Latin Mafia is showing a softer side to the band with the new single “Patadas De Ahogado.” The trio of brothers teamed up with fellow Mexican singer Humbe for the meditative track. Latin Mafia’s singers Milton and Emilio de La Rosa trade verses with Humbe about embracing the vulnerability of opening up their hearts with a loved one. The emotional depth of Latin Mafia’s music is beautifully exemplified in this R&B ballad. “Fortunately, we’re in a medium where we can create with what we’re feeling,” Emilio told LATINA. “We can express how we feel.”

Sael, “Locomia”

Sael is ready to make his mark with his breakthrough EP “H.10.” The rising Argentine star is a protege of Colombian hit-maker Sky Rompiendo on his Black Koi Entertainment label. Sael proves that his talent can’t be limited on genre in his previously-released songs like the bachata-infused “Un Cigarro” and “Europeo,” which embraces Afrobeats influences. He continues to shine in the reggaeton genre with his soaring voice that sets him apart from his peers in the freaky “Locomia.” Sael told LATINA, “‘H.10’ is a project with which I feel that I can unite my present with my roots.”

Marshmello and ChocQuibTown, “Donde Esta Que No Los Veo”

After scoring a number of hits in Latin music, Marshmello released his new album “Sugar Papi.” The LP includes “El Merengue” with Manuel Turizo, “Tempo” with Young Miko, and “Harley Quinn” featuring Fuerza Regida. The DJ continues to masterfully meld together the worlds of house and Latin music in the feel-good “Donde Esta Que No Los Veo” with Colombian group ChocQuibTown and the baile funk banger “Sou Musa do Verão” featuring Brazilian star Luisa Sonza. “Thank you to all Latinos for embracing me and allowing me to be a part of such an incredible culture,” Marshmello shared in a statement.

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News, and W Magazine.