This Week’s New Music Releases: Arca, Omar Apollo, Karol G, and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly round-up of the best new music. This week’s list features Colombian superstar Karol G taking “Un Viaje” with Jotaerre, Venezuelan producer Arca’s mind-blowing “Cayó” music video, and Omar Apollo’s debut album “Ivory.”

The most recent Latin Grammy winner for Best New Artist, Juliana, teams up with Humbe for the powerful “Muchachitos” and Black Pumas’ Adrian Quesada goes for a “balada” with iLe. Also on the list: Latin boy band CNCO returns with “La Equivocada,” “Élite” star Pol Granch bares his soul in “No Te Bastó, Mi Corazón,” and Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral drop their first duet as a couple. Check out the list below.

Arca, “Cayó”

Fresh out of her standout performance at Festival Ceremonia in Mexico City, Arca released the music video for her new single “Cayó.” She created the song during the sessions for several of her “Kick” albums, but it didn’t make the final cut on any of the installments. Now fans can enjoy the Venezuelan EDM goddess’ meditative track in all its mind-blowing glory. Arca co-produced “Cayó” with Tim Hecker and in the industrial track, she offers a hypnotic, prayer-like performance. It’s the music video shot by Albert Moya that takes the intensity of the song to the next level. Arca is seen throughout in positions of power and vulnerability. “It’s about exploring self states, non-binary modes of relating of that which is ‘other,’ creating new intersectional ways of mediating identity through exploring sensuality and heightened communion with the sensual embodiment of self,” she said in a statement. In May, Arca will release a box set of all five “Kick” albums, featuring global stars like Sia and Rosalía.

Omar Apollo, “Ivory” Album

Omar Apollo recently debuted his first properalbum “Ivory.” In 2020, the Mexican-American singer showed the world what he could do with the “Apolonio” mixtape and now he’s showing who he is with this follow-up release. While Apollo prefers not to put a label on his sexuality publicly, he’s open about his queer identity in his lyrics. “Ivory” is an album about boys, sex, and heartbreak. In the soulful “Invincible” with Daniel Caesar, Apollo details his perfect guy. “Latin boy, Frida Kahlo brow,” he sings. In the hypnotic “Tamagotchi” that was produced by the Neptunes, Apollo boasts in Spanglish about his swagger that makes the guys and girls go wild for him. One of the best songs on the LP is “Bad Life” with Colombian-American star Kali Uchis. The longtime friends trade verses about the toxic romances that have them caught up. “That’s literally like my sister,” Apollo told LATINA, “she’s the best. We get along super well. She feels like family. We just have music together. We’ll be playing each other stuff and be like, ‘Oh, send me that.’ It’s just super casual and sick. I love her.”

Karol G, Alejo, Jotaerre & Moffa, “Un Viaje”

Right now, Karol G is in one of the strongest moments of her career so far. Earlier this year, the Colombian superstar teamed up with Becky G for “Mamiii,” a global hit that reached No. 15 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart. In advance of her headlining performance at the Coachella music festival later this month, Karol G released her new single “Un Viaje.” She teamed up with Puerto Rican singer Alejo, one of the artists behind the viral smash “Pantysito,” and by rising Colombian artist Jotaerre and up-and-coming Boricua rapper Moffa. In the alluring reggaeton track, Karol G sings about taking her lover on a romantic journey that they’ll never forget. Alejo, Jotaerre, and Moffa offer escapades of their own that sound just as enticing. Colombia and Puerto Rico proudly come together for this sexy love song. “Un Viaje” is a nice gift for Karol G’s fans after she  her appearance on Cris MJ’s remix of “Una Noche En Medellín” last month.

Juliana and Humbe, “Muchachitos”

Latin Grammy Best New Artist nominees unite! Colombian artist Juliana teamed up with Mexican pop star Humbe for their duet “Muchachitos.” Juliana, who was a child actress turned singer-songwriter, won Best New Artist last November. Humbe, who has become an outspoken Gen-Z Mexican voice in Latin music, was nominated in the same category. After meeting at the awards in Las Vegas, Juliana traveled to Monterrey to record “Muchachitos” with Humbe. Both singers pack the empowering ballad with breathtaking performances. Their voices soar to stunning heights as they sing about turning their dreams into reality. “Life always knows better,” Juliana recently wrote about the song on Instagram. “For all the muchachitxs in the world. Keep your heart intact and always keep going.” In the music video, young versions of the artists witness the rising stars these two have become. Among the visuals is a flashback to Juliana’s extraordinary Latin Grammy win. This heavenly duet is out of this world.

Adrian Quesada and iLe, “Mentiras Con Cariño”

Black Pumas’ member Adrian Quesada is getting ready to release a solo album. Inspired by the bolero movement that first emerged in Cuba in the 19th century and then took off in Mexico, soaring in popularity during the ‘40s and ‘50s. The Mexican-American musician is revisiting the ballad sound and putting his own spin on it. He teamed up with Puerto Rican singer iLe, who was part of Calle 13 with her brother Residente, for his new single. In the empowering “Mentiras Con Cariño,” iLe lets it be known that she has no time for playing games when it comes to finding love. “Making ‘Mentiras Con Cariño’ with Adrian was very fun since we share a similar appreciation for old school boleros,” iLe said in a statement, adding “I wrote this song thinking about feeling sufficient with yourself on your own, even though love didn’t turn out to be the way you wanted.” Quesada’s “Boleros Psicodélicos” album will be released on June 3. The LP will also feature Gaby Moreno, Natalia Claviera, Girl Ultra, and Gabriel Garzón-Montano.

CNCO, “La Equivocada”

The band CNCO is back with their new single “La Equivocada,” their third single since becoming a quartet last year. After the departure of Joel Deleōn, remaining members Erick Brian Colón, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel De Jesús, and Christopher Vélez have carried on the CNCO name proudly. Following their two party-ready singles, “Party, Humo y Alcohol” and “Toa La Noche,” the guys slow things down with “La Equivocada.” CNCO shows off a sentimental side with this reggaeton ballad. Colón, Camacho, De Jesús, and Vélez take turns singing about finding healing after experiencing heartbreak. Each member gives a powerfully emotional performance as they try to move on. This new era the band is in is getting more promising with every release. To further expand their empire, the guys have started filming the series “4 Ever,” which will air on Disney+ Latin America later this year.

Pol Granch, “No Te Bastó, Mi Corazón”

Pol Granch is a star of the hit Netflix series “Élite,” which premiered its fifth season on April 8. The Spanish-French singer first rose to prominence in 2018 when he won the third season of “Factor X España.” After releasing his debut album “Tengo Que Calmarme” in 2020, he broke onto the global stage the following year with his Marc Seguí collaboration “Tiroteo,” also featuring Puerto Rican superstar Rauw Alejandro With that track, the world fell in love with Granch’s adorable Spanish and French accent. Alongside the new season of “Élite,” Granch released his  single “No Te Bastó, Mi Corazón.” In the pop-rock ballad, he sings about the heartache of falling short of his ex’s expectations. Seeing that what he could’ve done would’ve never been enough, Granch channels his frustrations into a powerfully angst-driven performance. He’s really finding his groove and voice in the pop-punk resurgence as evidenced by his previous single “Kriño.”

Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral, “Su Tu Me Busca”

Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral have made their debut as a couple in music. The Puerto Rican superstar and the rising Dominican artist teamed up for their hotly-anticipated duet “Si Tu Me Busca.” Their collaboration was produced by Boricua duo Súbelo Neo, the guys behind many of Bad Bunny‘s “YHLQMDLG” hits, including “Yo Perreo Sola.” In the reggaeton romp, the couple Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral sing their praises about each other and their steamy relationship. Yailin la Más Viral holds her own with her fierce and flirty flow. “Being in love, one is full of inspiration, melodies and creativity,” Anuel AA said in a statement on the song. “It’s the best time to make music and it is something we are enjoying a lot as a couple.” In more exciting news, he recently revealed that he finalized his next album “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren 2.” Anuel AA will hit the road later this fall with his Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren Tour.