New Music Releases: Yahritza Y Su Esencia, Gloria Trevi, Tokischa, and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly round-up of the best new music. This week’s list features the new album from Mexican icon Gloria Trevi and the debut EP of history-making trio Yahritza Y Su Esencia.

Also on the list, Rising Dominican artist Tokischa takes Marshmello to the club in the fierce “Estilazo,” and Argentine acts Bizarrap and Paulo Londra unite for the hotly-anticipated “BZRP Music Sessions #23.” Former “La Academia” stars Carlos Rivera and Yuridia dropped new ballads this week, Denise Rosenthal tackles a RBD classic, and Puerto Rican singer Robi continues to break through. Check out the list below.

Yahritza Y Su Esencia, “Obsessed”

Earlier this month, Yahritza Martínez, lead singer for Yahritza Y Su Esencia, became the youngest Latin artist to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at 15 years old. Fresh off this history-making achievement, the group released their debut EP “Obsessed” on April 22. Within a week of its release, their heart-wrenching ballad “Soy El Unico” reached No. 20 on the chart. Of the song’s success, Yahritza told LATINA, “I wrote the song inspired by people I saw on Tik Tok who were broken-hearted, but I never thought so many people would relate to it. We had no idea this song was going to become such a hit so fast.”

Yahritza gets to flex her haunting voice that’s beyond her years among the five songs on the EP. Among the sierreño gems are the breathtaking “Dejalo Ir” and the charming “Esta Noche.” Turning her commentary to the EP, Yahritza added, “The inspiration was just writing songs that came from the heart about the struggles of love and relationships. I think we all go through that and everyone can relate to that pain.” The Mexican-American trio also covered Los Del Limit’s “Siendo Sincero.” As for what’s next, Yahritza’s brother and bandmate Mando noted, “Yahritza and Jairo need to finish school for the year and we would love to go on tour so we can connect with our audience and meet them in person. We also plan on writing more songs and hopefully visit Disneyland soon.”

Gloria Trevi, “La Isla Divina”

Gloria Trevi is back! The Mexican pop goddess released her new album “La Isla Divina.” After two years of pandemic-induced suffering, Trevi wants to take her listeners on a musical island getaway. “‘Isla Divina’ is a production that leads you to reconnect with the world that you deserve and with the person you really are,” she said in a statement. Trevi previewed the LP along with the mighty duet “Grande,” a song that features Spanish singer Monica Naranjo and the flirty “Nos Volvimos Loco” with Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa. Beyond the duets, she also offers plenty of moments where she shines alone, like in the empowering song “El Se Equivocó.” This fall, Trevi will tour the U.S. on the Isla Divina Tour.

Marshmello and Tokischa, “Estilazo”

Tokischa continues to extend the global reach of her music. The rising Dominican star teamed up with DJ Marshmello for their new collaboration “Estilazo.” Tokischa, an openly queer artist, has come through with what’s sure to become an anthem for LGBTQ+ Pride month. Tokischa’s Dominican dembow meets Marshmello’s house music in this fierce collaboration. “To be a perra is in style,” Tokischa boasts in Spanish in the song. On working with Marshmello, she told LATINA, “Personally, he is so sweet, kind and down to earth, but also insightful on how our sounds could mesh. I am very glad he talked me into doing the song in Spanish ’cause the idea was originally planned for English, but he loved working in my hood here in the D.R. and how the song felt when we translated it.” This club banger has “song of the summer” written all over it.

Yuridia, “¿Y Tú, Qué Ganas?”

Yuridia has released her first new song of the year. The Mexican singer is back with her new single “¿Y Tú, Qué Ganas?” The empowering ballad was produced by Eden Muñoz, ex-singer of the band Calibre 50. Yuridia embraces her Mexican roots in the mariachi-backed track. “I had already sung some regional [songs], but it is always something that I see with great respect,” she told LATINA. About when the song came together, she added, “The quarantine in which we were in allowed me to connect again with all that music in which I grew up and that always sounded at home, but I also wanted to do it my way because the best tribute is to be present.” This song previews Yuridia’s first album of all regional Mexican music that’s coming soon.

Carlos Rivera, “Eres Tú (Mamá)”

Like Yuridia, Carlos Rivera is another artist whose career was launched on the reality TV series “La Academia.”  The Mexican heartthrob won the third season in 2004 and he’s remained one of his country’s top pop stars. In honor of Mother’s Day in both Mexico and the U.S., he released his new single “Eres Tú (Mamá).” On his inspiration for the song, Rivera wrote in Spanish on Instagram, “After 20 years I have recorded ‘Eres Tú (Mamá),’ the song I wrote to my mom as a gift for Mother’s Day. This will be for all the mom’s in the world.” In the heartfelt ballad, he sings his mom’s praises. She also appears in her son’s music video. Rivera’s powerful voice makes this homage all the more beautiful. This week, he was in his hometown of Huamantla filming the music video for his next single “Te Soñé” featuring Carlos Vives.

Bizarrap and Paulo Londra, “BZRP Music Sessions #23”

When Paulo Londra was working through his record label issues last year, Argentine Bizarrap had to delay the release of their collaboration. After a long wait, “BZRP Music Sessions #23” has finally dropped. In an Instagram post about the announcement of the song, Bizarrap asked his fans for 23 million comments to release it, and he achieved that goal in under 24 hours. Bizarrap supplies Londra with a triumphant electronic beat as he boasts about his comeback to the music industry. “Because I feel that I was once lost, and today I got up/I don’t think I ever left,” Londra spits in Spanish. Earlier this year, Bizarrap dropped one of the biggest songs of the year with “BZRP Music Sessions #49” with Residente. Londra signed a new partnership with Warner Music Latina and released his single “Plan A.”

Robi, Alejo, Dalex & EIX, “3 Deseos” Remix

Robi is in the best year of his music career yet. The Puerto Rican singer recently signed with Interscope Records. He is also part of one of the biggest songs of the year, “Pantysito,” with his friend Alejo and Colombian singer Feid. Robi continues his hot streak with his new single “3 Deseos.” For the remix, he teamed up with Alejo and fellow Puerto Rican singers Dalex and EIX. Each artist takes turns singing about giving their lovers a night to remember. The listener’s wishes are the quartet’s commands. It’s an alluring reggaeton song that shows a romantic side of Robi’s music. Robi also recently dropped the upbeat bop “Robot” where he embraced a pop-punk sound.

Moderatto and Denise Rosenthal, “Este Corazón”

The revival of RBD’s music continues. Mexican rock group Moderatto has released another cover of the “Rebelde” band’s classics. For their new version of “Este Corazón,” Moderatto teamed up with Chilean pop star Denise Rosenthal. Rosenthal is connected to “Rebelde” through her  2009 she starring role  in “Corazón Rebelde,” a Chilean remake of the teen telenovela. Moderatto gives “Este Corazón” a more emo edge with their cover. The voices of the band’s lead singer Jay de la Cueva and Rosenthal complement each other well in this dreamy duet. They breathe new life into the soaring love song. In March, Moderatto covered “Sólo Quédate En Silencio” with Mexican singer Danna Paola. Paola also featured in the girl power anthem “Santería” with Rosenthal and Lola Índigo.